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How Keeping Your Floors Clean PROTECTS Your Patients Health

Cleanliness is a serious issue for medical facilities. After all, sick people situated in close proximity to one another creates the risk of sicknesses spreading from one person to the next, meaning that an unclean space can produce a lot of complications with frightening speed. Fortunately, this problem can be managed with a good cleaning […]

How Clean Is Your Restroom? Really?

A clean office restroom speaks a lot about the company not only to the employees but also to the office visitors— and can create a good image of the company. Having a clean office restroom can boost the morale of employees in their day-to-day activities. Office restrooms are shared by different employees and thus need […]

Reducing Workplace Accidents Starts With A CLEAN Facility

A clean facility ensures health and safety of all people who work in the place. Having a cleaning crew in your facility can significantly aid in a clean facility which consequently helps in reducing workplace accidents. Here is how clean facility helps in reduction of workplace accidents. Dry and clean floor prevents slips and falls Slips […]